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the actions the closure of several fire stations. the district has to cut back after measure q failed to get a two-thirds majority in last month's election. the measure called for a parcel tax to help fund fire services. >>> president obama is closely monitoring a week-long strike at two southern california ports. 800 members of the clerical union who work at the ports of los angeles and long beach had been working without a contract for more than two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing to cross picket lines forcing a shutdown of most terminals. experts estimate the strike is costing the u.s. up to $1 billion a day. and it could delay shipments of holiday gift merchandise. >>> there's a tentative contract agreement between port of oakland and union workers. two weeks ago, more than 500 members of seiu local 1021 went on strike. they had been at the bargaining table for 16 months. details of the agreement will be released when the contract is voted on tomorrow. >>> president obama will host a group of governors today to talk about the "fiscal cliff" after he rej
for the kids but the problem was, there just weren't any. so instead of complaining, these parents took action and founded the yu ming charter school. it's this week's "cool school." tucked away in the heart of oakland amongst the hustle and bustle of chinatown, something special is brewing. >> no english in classes. >> reporter: two years old the school is already 150-plus students strong children from all over alameda county immersed in mandarin chinese all day long. and how do you say i love the yu ming school? [ non-english language ] >> reporter: it means nurturing the future. it was the brainchild of nine parents that all wanted their kids to be bilingual. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the children speak english only 10% of each day. the rest of their studies all chinese. >> it's amazing. you see these kids, you know, half of whom have no mandarin exposure and by now three months into school and they are already speaking mandarin, they are reading some perhaps, trying to write characters. it's incredible. >> reporter: yu ming features k- 2 but plans to go k-8 over the next six y
hall with the new call for action. >> my name is richard bloomenthal. >> reporter: connecticut senator bloomenthal and chris murphy met with a group called newtown united who came together after the shooting to push for a ban on assault weapons. they may have a new supporter in president obama. he wants new laws to try to prevent another tragedy like the one at sandy hook elementary school. >> the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence. >> as head of the president's task force, vice president biden will look into banning assault weapons. but gun advocates say that's not necessary. >> there are lots of things we can do to make sure that only the right people have firearms. >> reporter: there will be at least nine more funerals or viewings today. on wednesday, each of the victims was remembered in his own special way. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: paul simon sang at the funeral for 27-year-old teacher victoria soto. she died trying to protect her first grade students. >> she gave her life for those kids. it breaks my heart. >> rep
with classified information. >> the report acknowledged the siege was unanticipated and no discipline action will be taken. >>> bain capitalhouse speaker john boehner wants a house vote on his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff." it would raise taxes on everybody making more than a million dollars a year while cutting spending to benefit programs like medicare. democratic leaders have already rejected that idea. >> we do not have a balanced plan when the president's call for $1.3 trillion in revenue and only willing to put a $850 billion worth of cuts over 10 years. >> president obama has been firm about higher taxes for everybody making a quarter million dollars a more but now appears willing to raise that cutoff point to $400,000. >>> more troubles for toyota. the japanese automaker has been hit with a record $17 million fine for failing to report a safety defect. the issue led to sticking gas pedals and a recall. the law says a carmaker must tell the government within five days of learning of a safety defect. >>> it's 5:20 right now. holding off the hornets? golden state takes on new orleans
december long. appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh. action after the worst grade school shooting in u-s hist and: students head back to s with heavy hearts. how bay chools are reachin >>> we will have to change. >> the president's call to action after the worst grade school shooting in u.s. history. >> and students head back to class with heavy hearts. how bay area schools are reaching out after the tragedy. >> storm clouds moving in overnight some scattered showers showing up on our high- def doppler radar. we have more showers to come and bigger storms at the end of the week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and those shower means troubles on the road. accident north 101 at mathilda. i'll tell you which lanes are blocked. >>> good morning. it's monday, december 17. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. frank and michelle are off. time now 6:00. >>> another somber chapter begins today in newtown, connecticut as the first funerals now for the school shooting victims are held. investigators are still trying to find out what adam lanza's mo
on what lies ahead in the days to come. so edward i guess we won't really see any action until at least thursday? is that right? >> reporter: yeah we won't see action until thursday because the senate doesn't get back into session until thursday at the moment the capitol is deserved. so is the white house, as you know president obama is in hawaii on his annual vacation. that he has every year here. now he spent christmas eve playing golf and working out at a local marine base out there. he also has another golf round planned again for today. the talks between the president and the house have broken down on this fiscal cliff there are to try and avoid the deadline that's coming up. on thursday when the senate comes back into session most of the house of representatives will also be back and the president is going to work if hawaii to try and get -- from hawaii to try and get everybody to work together but at this point it seems like the deadline is just looming. >> we've been talking about this for a good month plus now. is it too late? they have so little time. can they get something to
across a run away shopping cart with a baby inside. how the officer jumped into action when we come back. stay right there. ,,,, shopping cart started rolli down the hill.. with her ba inside.. an officer spotted yellow shopping cart heading right toward a busy highway.. he sped up, turned on his lights, and stopped traffic then he bolted out of his cruiser and ran to stop the runaway cart.. the officer grabbed the baby boy.. and him back to his very thankf mother. it's the eve of a national holiday.. but the markets wl be open.. at least for part of the day.. erica ferrari... with cbs moneywatch dot- com joins us live with a look at what we expect from wall street.. >>> s? >>> hong kong finished a fraction higher after a half day of trading. stock crumbled after republicans called off a vote on their plan b deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. the dow dropped 120 points on friday while the nasdaq fell 29, and there's one week until the fiscal cliff. some senators are expressing concerns that a deal will not be met in time. if that happens, households with incomes between 50 and 75,000 would
of marriage act" hoping for action on those issues today. >>> a former bay area boy scout will be honored in sacramento this afternoon. 18-year-old ryan andresen was forced to leave his moraga troop because he is gay. he will be recognized for his bravery today by state assembly speaker john perez. >>> republicans and democrats are in a stalemate in negotiations to avoid that "fiscal cliff." as susan mcginnis reports, key players took to the sunday talk shows to make their case. >> reporter: the white house is already decorated for the holidays, but the mood here in washington is anything but festive. >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act, america will ring in the new year with $110 billion in spending cuts and a $500 billion tax increase leaving the average household with a nearly $3,500 hangover. treasury secretary timothy geithner was on capitol hill to present the plan to congress. >> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him, i says, you can't be serious. >> reporter: president obama wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes on the rich, $400 billion in cuts t
-day waiting period so the earliest it can start is on sunday. >>> a federal government is taking action against the makers of a portable baby recliner after five infant deaths. this is the new model of the nap nanny called the chill. the consumer product safety commission says the device poses substantial risk of injury and death to babies. the company that makes it, baby matters, went out of business a month ago. >>> the temptation not to cheat on a diet is hard enough. now it seems though diets may enhance your sweet tooth. researchers from northwestern university found sweets taste much better when the person is cheating on a diet. yeah, a little drama helps party. the results show the more guilt that you feel the more pleasure you get from eating the treats. i think that's true actually. >> now watching them eat that i want some sweets. >> there you go. >> right? >> we'll get on that right away. >> okay, thanks. >>> it's 5:20. it's official. cal has a new head football coach. >> plus an 18-foot fadeaway. the buzzer beater and our play of the day. >> finally drying things out around
rate of 48 frames per second makes the high action scenes more vivid and more intense. >> for certain people that are motion sensitive, it's going to be very stroboscopic. it's going to be too crisp around the edges. >> i love it! warner brothers says they haven't encountered audiences feeling nauseous. it comes out today in the united states. both in 3-d and 2-d so i guess have an empty stomach or carry popcorn. >> regardless, i can't wait to see it. >> you got it go. >>> with the holidays around the corner, thefts are going up. >> and thieves usually steal phones, wallets, jewelry, but this is amazing! unbelievable really. it's a driveway. >> yes. >> this is what happened to one florida woman. take a look. 30 square feet of brick pavers carted away in broad daylight, 300 square feet of pavers. she found something wrong when there was a bump pulling into the driveway. >> there was something missing in my peripheral vision. >> when she got out to investigate, her driveway wasn't there. her neighbor saw two men dig up the bricks but thought it was part of a construction project going o
taken action. he said he met with cabinet members to discuss what could be done from mass shootings including new gun control laws. it's possible the president could enact new gun rules through executive orders but some changes would require congressional approval. >>> for continuing coverage and the latest on the elementary school tragedy, go to >>> this morning, the chief foreign correspondent for nbc news is safe after he and his production team were held by kidnappers for five days. the network announced this morning that richard engel and three coworkers were released unharmed in syria. nbc had kept the abduction under wraps out of concern for his safety. the identities of the kidnappers and their motives are still unknown. >>> here we are 7 minutes after 5:00 on this tuesday morning. lawrence is on assignment today. and standing in the hardest working woman in showbiz, ladies and gentlemen, here's elizabeth with the latest. >> guess where she is going to be today! [ laughter ] >> yeah, we're in the weather center today. and so far, the biggest story is that the tem
of money ever recorded for a car defect. the proposed $1 billion settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit for hundreds of toyota owners who claim unintended acceleration problems caused numerous crashes, injuries and even some deaths. >>> and chicago wins the dubious award of having the nation's most expensive metered parking. starting on new year's day parking meters in downtown chicago will cost $6.50 an hour up from $5.75. the city leased the meters to a private company for 75 years for the bargain price of more than $1 billion. >> thank you, erica ferrari, >> i love san francisco even more now. you have to have a credit card. that's almost a roll of quarters. >> i just discovered parking cards. >>> if you are heading out doing any traveling on the roads this morning, so far actually things look pretty good outside. we have a nice quiet weather day shaping up. yeah. so a nice dry break. put away the umbrellas for at least a day. it's going to be cold though. bundle up. partly cloudy skies because the showers are returning as soon as tomorrow afternoon. we can
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12